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  • ByKawaii Schneider
  • Senior Member
  • Sep 24, 2021
Update: In areas with a lot of wear (on the heels, under shoe straps, etc.) the print can wear off. It's normal with any kind of print that sits on the fabric surface (this is a raised print, not dyed into the fabric) but you might want to take it into consideration and order a spare pair of tights or two.

  • ByKawaii Schneider
  • Senior Member
  • Jan 12, 2020
This review is for the beige tights with Gold and White print, respectively: Beautiful tights. ^.^ Good quality. The print (both gold and white) stayed put even when they were being washed at 40°C on a regular cycle with normal detergent. But I would recommend washing with like colours as the base fabric stains easily. The fabric is rather breathable, though, so these tights can even be worn in summer (in Central Europe) if you'd want to (unless you're heat sensitive). :)

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