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  • BySonora Roers
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jan 25, 2021
I bought the black variety of this and I absolutely ADORE it. The full ensemble is just stunning and I wear it whenever I can. The fabric quality and sturdiness of the dress is really high, which I appreciate; I don't have to worry that I'm going to rip it or damage it if I move wrong. It is kind of heavy-weight, so if you're concerned about body temperature, I'd wear it on a cooler day rather than warmer, and if you want to wear a petticoat under it, you might need more layers to combat the weight, but honestly I usually wear it without one at all and I find it very comfortable. The way it falls around the hips is very satisfying to me. Of course, a petticoat is recommended to boost the visibility of the gorgeous nine-tailed fox embroidery. But regardless, I absolutely love this dress and highly recommend it!

  • ByLevianna Night
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Oct 18, 2019
I love this! I ordered the black version of the Fox With Nine Tails, size S. It arrived 9 days after I placed the order, but it would've been 8 days if my address hadn't been an issue. (I live in Pennsylvania.) The high price is understandable because the quality is amazing! It is sturdy but not too stiff, making this dress excellent for mobility and fall temperature. (Instructions say hand wash only, tumble dry low.) However, you have to maneuver your arms through just to be careful. The cape keeps slipping upward when I move my arms around too much, but I could solve easily that with safety pins or with the provided hairclip. Not only did they provide me the black ribbon for the waist belt, they gave me a red ribbon, too! So, you have two choices but I'm going to wear both of them just for kicks. The embroidery is just amazing!?! It's not 100% perfect but I can say it's 97% perfect and such a complex design, too. My bust size 83cm, waist is 67cm. Now, the S dress (Bust: 86cm, Waist: 68cm) fits me just perfectly, but when I exhale it gets tight. I can handle it because I know how to control my breathing, but I can't fit a shirt underneath. So to anyone else whose size is exactly on or 1cm away from the maximum measurements, GET THE NEXT SIZE! Seriously, the material is sturdy, it does not stretch well, and there is a zipper on the side so no mistakes on the waist. It doesn't matter if the dress is loose because for the bust, the cape can hide it or you can add padding; and for the waist, the waist belt and strings on the back can be used to tighten. My favorite part has to be the waist belt, because with the holes and a lot of adjustments, I can use it to wear a katana with this dress. Add a kitsune mask and I'll look like a fox spirit warrior.

  • ByJeremiah Hacker
  • Sep 18, 2018
As my first dress, I love it to death, the quality of the material is fantastic and the price is fair.

  • ByBarbara Kiernan
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Aug 08, 2017
This is the first lolita dress I have purchased, and it looked wonderful. It fits well, and the brocade fabric is light but feels sturdy, and the accessories are able to be used in a slightly more casual outfit easily as well. Overall I am very pleased with the dress. I was disappointed that there were additional shipping charges into Canada, as I had already paid 45$ shipping and had to pay 27$ extra when it was delivered.

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