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  • ByLucius
  • Jul 18, 2019
I got this entire set, and everything fit pretty well, I got them all in XL. I honestly think the pants design is a bit odd, as it has "pointy" sides that basically dart out at the top of the pants. It makes the waist area really loose, since it's not tailored to fit properly it seems. But I also got it a size too big, which could very well be my mistake. Other than that everything was comfortable and perfect! I'm not sure if I recommend buying a size up to be safe, but I did.

  • ByOrion Hartley
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Apr 21, 2019
I LOVE these shorts so much!!! These are my favorite ouji shorts I have! The price is really good, and Castle Too is a really good brand. The only problem I have is that the measurements might be a little off, as my measurements are well under the XL sizing, but the shorts are a tight fit. There are definitely still wearable for me, just a bit tighter than expected! Otherwise, I'm in love with these shorts. The train/trail is so cute and the shorts are all around very charming and well made!

  • ByKate
  • Apr 18, 2019
Excellent quality. I was honestly nervous about seeing it in person but I love these shorts and they are perfect for what I need them for. Waist is a little looser than I expected and the bands on the thighs have little give so I feel the need to be careful when sitting, but definitely not a deal breaker for a costume piece!

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