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  • ByCarter Vereshad
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jun 03, 2021
While this is a beautiful blouse with lovely lace, great detail, and well made light fabric, I find that this blouse is tight around the sleeves. My arm girth is around 28 cm, this blouse is making my arms feel like sausages. It also sits awkwardly in the bust area, which is strange since this blouse is supposed to fit at least a 116 cm bust and I happen to be under that by a lot. I find that its sitting at the lower part of my bust which is very strange... To any one who's bust is around that 100 cm-110 cm range and who's arm girth is be greater than 25cm, perhaps it's best to find a different blouse rather than this one.

  • ByGeorgiana Hammond
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jan 13, 2021
Comfortable and very elegant. Good stretch, lighter material so good for warmer temperatures.

  • ByLara Jenke
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jun 09, 2020
This blouse is just gorgeous!! I bought it in black and it fits perfectly. It looks so extra and elegant, you really feel like a princess in this one! :) The quality is great, too. It feels really light and soft on my skin. There were a few lose threads here and there but nothing too concerning! I would definitely recommend this blouse! :)

  • ByJulia Turos
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Feb 18, 2019
This is a beautiful blouse. It is well-constructed and soft to the touch. The lace is quite beautiful and compliments a lot of the other JSKs and OPs I own. It is quite sheer, but works beautifully under a JSK. If I wear it with a skirt or waistcoat, I typically will wear a chemise underneath it. I have only worn it a handful of times since I received it, but I do get compliments whenever I wear it. I purchased the black colorway for the discounted price in late August along with a couple of other items. It arrived just after Halloween. Not LolitaWardrobe's or Infanta's fault, I chose a slower shipping than I usually do. I do plan to purchase the additional colorways in the near future, and I definitely do recommend it. To note, though, the blouse will fit a 116 cm bust size, but be aware that the sleeve itself might be a tight if you have an upper arm girth larger than 32 cm.

  • ByLydia Jones
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Oct 30, 2018
This was included in my first purchase with lolitawardrobe and I'm really suprised at the quality! I've heard about Infanta a lot in the past, and as this is my first Lolita blouse I feel this is a versitile piece. The sheer material does lend itself better to being worn with a JSK, but layering something underneath and wearing it with a skirt does also work as well. I've had lots of compliments on this blouse, particularly the sleeves, which move beautifully when worn. The lace and embroidery is very intricate for the price and the material is of a high quality. I purchased this blouse in black and I feel it will be useful for both classic and gothic styles. I look forward to purhcasing more Infanta pieces in the future!

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