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  • ByKimberley H
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Sep 02, 2020
I ordered the neck collar and wrist cuffs in black to match the uni-color black Carol of the Nightingale jsk I got! The stock photos listed had me wondering if the neck collar would be solid black or have the bit of pattern like in the picture. And I was wondering as well if the wrist cuffs would in fact be black wrist cuffs (as there's no picture) or the black gloves that are in the stock photos for the jsk. I decided to take a chance and it worked out! The neck collar is fully black and gorgeous. It has a nice weight to it and the lace is excellent quality. There is a ribbon tie in the back so it can be tied to fit any size neck. The wrist cuffs were in fact wrist cuffs and they look just like the white ones in the photo but fully black. They're just gorgeous and the quality again appears to be excellent. My wrists are approximately 16cm in circumference and they fit exactly. They don't have any stretch so keep that in mind!

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