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  • ByStarry Night underskirt - black w/black, 60cm.
  • Dec 09, 2019
Beautiful fabric and quality ribbon. The star edging is fantastic, and the sparkling sequins on the skirt itself are every bit as beautiful as in the moving examples - they sparkle so nicely! The waist does indeed fit - however, although my waist is 83cm and well within the required measurement, it is a little tight (but not difficult) to get over my shoulders to put on and is not going to get past my hips - this is not a problem, but may be of interest to some who have large busts or hips. That aside, it is a fun addition to my wardrobe, and will no doubt help dress up some coords and lengthen the skirt in a gorgous way for others. With an opaque underskirt and petticoat under, I might be tempted to wear it on the outer layer as a skirt for a less formal fashion.

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