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  • ByAdora Bittersweet
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jul 02, 2021
This dress is even more beautiful in person. The bow featured on the front of the chest is detachable and comes in two pieces similar to button-on waist ties. The buttons are hidden under the lapel of the dress's collar so they aren't visible if you choose not to wear the bow. The material is very soft but unfortunately given that it's mostly polyester, it doesn't breathe well. This is fine in cooler climates but since I live in the desert, this dress will have to wait to be worn outside until it starts to get cold. This isn't a flaw with the dress but something to consider when buying. If you live somewhere that doesn't get as hot, you will get more use out of this dress. As mentioned, it's very soft and feels nice. While not as light as a non-polyester dress, it still sits smoothly over a petticoat. I would also recommend sizing up if you come very close to the measurements given for the size you are considering. My bust is 92 cm and I ordered a L which is listed at <93cm. It fits very tightly across the chest with my normal bra and I will need to find something that makes my chest a bit flatter for it. My waist is about 78cm and the waist of the dress fits comfortably. But because there is lacing on the back, you can order one size up and just take the waist in slightly with the lacing. It it also worth mentioning that the cuffs on the sleeves do not stretch. This isn't a problem for me, and my arms aren't especially slim, but if you have bigger arms it could be an issue. Flatlay measured, the sleeves on my L size dress are about 28cm total.

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