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  • ByLevianna Night
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Apr 13, 2022
Bought Set 1. I really like this outfit. I would have given everything about this 5 stars if weren't for a few things. When wearing it, one of the sleeves is about 1 inch shorter than the other. It's not very noticeable because the sleeves are already long since it's a haori, but I love to hide my hands and hold onto the sleeves from the inside, so yeah, I tend to notice and it bothers me somewhat. As for the embroidery, I'm confuse if it was done by multiple people? This part having a visible thread linking the art, this part loose, this part threaded differently - those kind of tells. But overall, the differences aren't noticeable at all unless someone spent more than 2 minutes inspecting you. I'm just going to tighten some thread here and there, and use a dark blue fabric-type permanent marker to make the connecting string disappear. I'll say it again: love this outfit. I feel fancy wearing it. The colors matches the picture perfectly. The skirt is the kind you have to wrap around. Due to my waist being wider than the picture model, instead of A-line, my skirt looks like the in-between of A-line and pencil. The material is very nice and light, so it's perfect for spring and I won't die in it. I never noticed until it arrived, but the circles in the printed design is a Chinese instrument. With reference to the title of this outfit, I know it should be a pipa, but pipa tend to be pear-shaped and with 4 strings. This instrument is a circle with a straight neck and 6 strings. If anything, it looks more like a ruan, but ruan have 4 strings, too, so...I don't know anymore. Also, keep the the laundry instruction tag with you. They may be in...whatever language they're in (I don't want to assume), but laundry symbols are universal.

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