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  • ByCole Liljegren
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jun 21, 2023
I should have gotten the hat as well! This set has blown me away! It is far better then I could have hoped and every little detail is perfection in my eyes! I also have to mention this because this has also made my experiences with this company 1000 times better! Their customer service is the best I have ever had the pleaser of reaching out to and I can't wait to order more things from here in the future ! This set is very comfortable to wear with or without the cape and you can honestly get away with getting your normal sizing as the fabrics they use are high quality and have stretch to them so your not constricted or stuck trying to squeez into the pants, shirt or vest with limited movement. I got the equivalent of an American large but should have gotten a "medium" BUT that is on me and honestly I'd rather need to have the outfit taken in and still be able to wear it rather than not be able to wear it because it was too small and gods know we all have been there at least once when buying things online and it's no fun. So aside from it being a bit big on me, this set is perfect beyond words and I am so excited to wear it to NarCon this year! Also for reference I am a regular guy who is 165cm tall and weight around 58kg. The cape when on without shoes or with no heal of any kind is about 4 fingers gap from my ankle bone to where is hands freely so it's rather long and flows nicely. 100% recommend this to anyone!

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  • Apr 25, 2023
Not a very traditional ouji coord, but that was part of what drew me to it. So I'm not sure if anyone else would rate it as highly as I do but this is my review, you are welcome to contest it. First things first, the downsides that ended up not being so downsidey for me, but I must note them for others: the biggest thing you ought to know is the pants have no pockets. I use a hip satchel as part of my coord (I like pretending it's where my spell reagents go but it's really where my phone is) so that's not a problem but it may be annoying for others. I also *strongly* recommend coupling this with a mini corset of some kind (like the one that would have gone with this but is not currently in stock) because it's quite loose, as qi lolita/ouji often is. The pants *do* have a drawstring so if you think that messes with the aesthetic you'll want to find a way to hide it. I use a different corset which is also where I hang my hip satchel so that hides it and helps the vest blend in with the pants. I was going to give the build quality 4 stars because the ears on the hat are fairly poor quality (the fur is cheap and the pile is running sideways and downwards, AKA the wrong way) and they are not quite so visible/big as they are in the modeling photos. This is the only bit I would say feels cheap. But then I took this to a dance and all of the little pearl bits survived despite me being a *very* aggressive dancer and me taking standing breaks for four hours straight so it passed an intense stress test. I would feel bad giving it anything other than a 5. Full disclosure, I should have gotten a small but I have very wide hips compared to the rest of my body so I was afraid to go down a size and you *have* to order the vest, pants, and blouse as a set. :c I wasn't sure where to dock points for this so I went for usefulness. I prooooobably would have fit into a small so this is partially my fault for being paranoid. The biggest annoyance for me is the sleeves are a liiiiiiiittle long on me but you can hike them up and the pearl clasps make things pretty tight so it'll only start slipping down if you're doing intense physical activity. If you have small wrists that may not be the case so much though. Alright, with that out of the way, let's move onto the good. The biggest thing I noticed is that it is INCREDIBLY comfortable. I'm not a lifestyler (yet.....) but I regularly wear the pants, blouse, and vest around the house just because they're nice. Looks super cute with tights too and that's good because I'm a big fan of tights in ouji. Everything is so flowy and comfortable! Looks-wise: Definitely a fall look with the autumny colors (which are not common in ouji, another reason I love this coord) and the heavy fabric of the cape. I have gotten so many compliments on this from people outside of the community (my area has no lolitas or oujis, sadly.) All of the pearl clasps and the pearls on the lace make for a really neat visual. The embroidery detailing is beautiful, and the clasp on the vest has a little bird on it that's fun to pair with accessories! My hip satchel has a bird for example. Overall: very pleased with this. I went with it because I liked the fantastic aspect of it and I thought it would be an easier fit for someone like me who has a less than conventional shape for an ouji boy. I would imagine this is great for plus size oujis as well given its sizing is very, very forgiving.

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